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Sola Wood Flowers and Preserved Filler

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*18 Gauge Paper Covered Wire Stems*

 *Regular Size Cascade Handle*


*Mini Size Cascade Handle*

*Mini Glue Rope*

*Full Size Glue Rope*


*Gorilla Glue Sticks - Mini - 4" 75 count*


*Gorilla Glue Sticks - Regular - 4"  45 count *

*Corsage Bands (Elastic)*

*Bubble Beaded Corsage Wristlet in Champagne* 


*Bubble Beaded Corsage Wristlet in Sugar White* 



*Metal Hoops*

*Paint: Rose Gold (Metallic)*



 *Ring Light* 


*Ribbon: Satin (Old Gold)* 


*Ribbon: Satin (Purple Bronze)* 


*Hoop: 14" Grapevine Round - Chicken Wire* 


*Artificial (Faux) Berry Stems - Blue* 


*Artificial (Faux) Shrub Real Touch Silk 2 pcs *

*Artificial (Faux) Silk Eucalyptus Vine Garland*

*Artificial Pumpkins - 12 pcs*

*Cornucopia Decoration - Small*

*Floral Tape: 1/2 inch 4 pcs (Dark Green) *

*Bubble Wrap Roll: 12"*

*Vegetable Glycerin: 1 Quart*


*Hair Pins: U-Shaped (2 Sizes)*


*Hair Comb: Mini Wire Hair Comb (Silver)*




*White Wood: Letter D*

*Decorative Wood Cross: 14" (Ash Brown) *

*Ribbon: Handmade Fringe Chiffon Silk (Cream/Ivory/Nude)*

*Jute Twine: 4mm 164 ft *

*Rattan Diffusers: 7"  Set of 108*

*Diffuser Bottles: Boston Round Style 4 pcs 85ml*

*Mason Jars: 12 oz 24 pack *

*Glass Gems: 4 lbs (Scarlet Red)*

*Glass Gems: 4 lbs (Clear)*

*Glass Gems: 4 lbs (Opal White)*


*Lace Ribbon (3 inch; 10 Yards) Floral Lace Trim *

*Lace Ribbon (3.7 inch; 20 Yards) Floral Pattern*



*Floral Wire Cutters*